Our professionals make sure even the little things are addressed such as convenient location of volume controls, appropriate ventilation, matching color schemes. The cable used in our installations is ready to support applications for the foreseeable future.

When building a new home it is important to pre-install all the wiring necessary to support the connections to the different house systems that will be used immediately or in the future. It is more cost effective to perform that work when the walls and ceilings are exposed.

The security system will provide complete monitoring to safeguard your home, with tailored responses to events based on specific requirements.

It can be used in conjunction with the HVAC, lighting control and audio/video distribution systems, allowing for example to turn all lights on when an alarm condition is detected, set different temperatures when home or away mode, turn lights off after leaving the home, turn music on when entering the home. This brings significant advantages for comfort, security and energy savings.
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